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Ethics and morality are topics that we all know and study in higher education because we have to. But, rarely do we end up appreciating the same because what you learn in class ends up being a snippet of larger theories or facts. All information about ethics is not taught to us in the manner it should be because most of us look at this subject as something completely detached from reality.

If you want to make sure that your understanding of ethics is complete, then you need to brush up on all concepts related to it before taking your next ethics exam. You can do this by reading up on certain aspects of the subject and trying to reflect on what you have learnt. Exams are near and you are about to write an ethics paper for the exam. But I'm not sure of the best strategy to prepare for it. Here is how you can do it.

Although the Ethics Paper (GS-IV) was introduced in 2013, it would still be surrounded in darkness. Partly because there isn't a single book that explains the basics authoritatively, partly because the curriculum can be construed in a variety of ways, and partly because many of us lack an ethical grounding because there isn't a specifically related undergraduate course.

To clear up any confusion students may have about Ethics study material and strategies for preparing for the subject, we've put together this article that lists some typical study material sources to consult as well as a plan of action you can use to prepare for your ethics paper.

The paper for this section is four paragraphs long with 4-5 questions per paragraph. It would be advisable to divide the main points of the argument in outline form before writing the essay. This will help you in organizing the structure of your essay. You should start with a few introductory lines that highlight the main points of the argument and build upon it before moving on to your main points. The following points must be covered in your essay:

You must aim for a combination of clarity, coherence and correctness. You should read both these sources thoroughly to have a good idea about what is expected from you as well as how much you can expect from them. Before preparing an ethics paper, it would be wise to check the syllabus for this section and check the questions asked by previous applicants to this section.

The ethics paper should be prepared keeping in mind that both these points must be conveyed to the examiners. Both the sources are not necessarily focussed on the same point, so you need to bring them together without any contradiction. If possible, you should aim for complete coherence between these two sources.

There are no multiple choice questions for this section. You can score high marks by convincing the judge about your writing skills. So it is important to practice the language as well as the argumentative skills of the English language. You should keep this point in mind before you start writing an essay.

Once you have become familiar with the question paper, you can begin writing. It is a good idea to write a rough draft on a separate sheet of paper before going on to produce a final copy. As far as possible, try to answer the questions from memory and do not look at your source.

Make sure that you have covered all the details from both these sources before you attempt answering from memory. This will make it easier for you to write an essay with good organization and easy flow of ideas without any contradictions or repetitions from your sources.

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When you are marking your own essay, it is important to go through it carefully. The examiners will not only look for the content of your essay but also for its academic quality.

If you have faced any difficulty or have suggestions about the essay preparation, kindly write to us. We would really appreciate it.

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