Important Study Plan That Every APSC Aspirants Should Have!!
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The Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) Examination is one of the most challenging exams in Assam, but that doesn't stop thousands from applying. The exam attracts young minds because it's a prestigious career opportunity with power and prestige at stake for your family, along with an opportunity to serve others' best interests. Those who've been told they'll never succeed by their teachers or themselves may find encouragement here: many have succeeded before you!

Some people are convinced that they don’t have what it takes to pass the APSC Combined Competitive Examination. But this is completely false and untrue! Anyone can get ready for, register in, attend, study hard for and take part in the exam if they truly want to all with a proper strategic study plan. Let's find out how you start preparing:

  • Start at Early Stage:

    Studying for the APSC CC Examination is a difficult and time-consuming process, but it can be made easier by starting early. If you start preparing 12 months before your exam date, that will give you plenty of time to study everything in detail without feeling rushed or worried about deadlines. It also gives more opportunity to build on what's already been learned through preparation rather than wasting precious hours trying to understand every last thing at once when there may not even be enough energy left after work. In case you want a guidance from the best apsc coaching institute in guwahati i.e. SPM IAS Academy you can enquire by calling at 6901259799 or sending a mail to

  • Exam Pattern:

    The APSC CCE is a very competitive exam and it requires several stages of preparation. The first stage includes the Preliminary Examination, the second stage Main Examination, and finally Viva-voce or Interview as well known as "VIVA". Each step needs to be prepared individually in its own space with detailed information on each individual phase. You can watch the detailed discussion on APSC syllabus by SPM IAS Academy, best acs coaching in guwahati here:

  • Optional Subjects:

    In preparation for the exam, you need to choose your optional subject wisely. Choose a topic that is interesting and enjoyable so it doesn't feel like work when studying. The more interested in the field or passionate about an issue, both prelims and mains get easier because of increased interest in study time outside class with additional research help from professors. You can watch the video on How to choose your optional for APSC / UPSC exam by SPM IAS Academy by far the best apsc online coaching / best apsc classroom coaching in guwahati here :

  • Preparation for Prelims:

    Prelims are a tough time for anybody. But if you want to ace them, start early and don't give up! Read NCERT books every day before taking your General Studies prelims because it will help you understand topics better. To get an edge over other candidates practising English vocabulary can be very helpful as well - so read the newspaper regularly or play word puzzles like crosswords! Lastly, remember that revision is key; revise all of your notes just in case something important got missed during lectures. Alternatively you can follow Classroom materials by SPM IAS Academy which covers all the major portions of the syllabus.

  • Preparing for Mains:

    Did you do well on the Prelims? If so, then it's time to start preparing for Mains Exams. The General Studies section is more extensive than in the previous round of exams and thus takes a longer time to complete - but with 12 months before your exam date, that shouldn't be too hard! Joining APSC Test Series will not only help develop better writing skills; it also helps students prioritize their Studying patterns which can make Exam day easier as they'll know when best to concentrate on each subject. One should always focus on Answer writing practice & conceptual clearity as they will help you in clesring APSC exam in first attempt.

APSC Combined Competitive Examinations are tough to pass. But with the right strategy, you can do it! The following is a list of some great tactics that will help give you an edge in your exam preparation:

  • Reviewing all past APSC exams & UPSC exam (since APSC new pattern is based on UPSC) and answering practice questions on them for their difficulty level.
  • Studying each section separately so as not to confuse yourself if one question comes up from another subject area (this also allows time constraints).
  • Keeping track of what subjects were hard or easy for you throughout your review process; this way when faced with those particular topics again during examination day, they should be easier since there's less information flooding into your mind at once.

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