6 Quick Tips To Crack Apsc Exam In First Attempt
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APSC(Assam Public Service Examination) is a constitutional state commission that conducts competitive examinations for entry into the different grades of service in the state government.

The commission is presided over by the Governor, who is aided by a Chief Executive Officer and other senior officers. At present more than six exams are conducted on behalf of APSC every year at various centers across Assam. The exams are divided into two cycles: one for entry to different grades of Junior Civil Services (ACS) and other services such as Revenue Service(ALRS),  Police Service (APS) etc., and another cycle for entry into Central Services consisting of Administrative Grade I & II, Secretariat Grade I & II, Technical Grade I & II etc.

The APSC has a history of providing excellent opportunities to candidates. For the ongoing cycle, around 15000 candidates appeared in APSC JSSC examination and out of them, more than 9500 secured minimum qualifying marks and nearly 40% of them were from Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe category. Let us see six tips.

Here are six tips that can help you crack the Assam Public Service Examination (APSC) 2021.

  • Study at least 3 months before the APSC

    This means studying a lot of material in the months leading up to the exam. You obviously can't prepare for every topic (although you should aim to cover as many topics in your preparation as possible), but this will give you a good base to build on. It's better to start practicing at least 3 months before the examination than attempting an entire new topic from scratch when the actual exam rolls around. This time period is obviously after taken coaching from best apsc coaching like SPM IAS Academy. Check out some honest reviews of SPM IAS Academy here: ________________________________

    Many students prepare for the exam only by collecting good study materials for APSC which is not the best way to prepare as only reading notes / study materials will not help in any sense.

    I know lots of people who write tests and then completely change their study plan for APSC coaching from test day onwards. This is not worth doing, because you are effectively wasting your time by preparing all over again, and then getting nowhere near your target score anyway.

  • Practice mock exams

    your abilities. Not only will this help you identify your weaker areas, it'll also give you an idea of what to expect on the day of the exam. Do not attempt only a few mock exams and then assume that you're good to go! Make sure that every time you take a mock exam, try and take it under test-like conditions (i.e., no breaks, timed). SPM IAS Academy, by far the best institute for APSC coaching also provides best test series for APSC aspirants. You can buy the test series here.

  • Find a good partner

    Always try to find someone who will help you during your preparation for APSC / coaching for APSC. A partner can help you identify what areas need revising or improving, and can also help you with writing many practice tests out over the course of an hour or two.

    It's also useful to have someone who can review your practice tests with you, as they might be able to point out a few things that you might have missed. In case you enroll for APSC coaching by SPM IAS Academy the teachers will take care of your answer writing. If you opt for a partner make sure that the person you're asking for this kind of help isn't just going to tell you what you want to hear & has qualified various level of UPSC exam as the teachers of SPM IAS Academy have.

  • Get smart

    Use any opportunity you can get to increase your intelligence. This doesn't mean cramming on random facts, but instead, learning how to adapt to different questions. For instance, if you are attempting a test question that asks you to calculate the number of people in a room when there are 50 men and 40 women, you should also learn how to calculate the average age of two groups. This will help you tackle lots of common questions.

    It's also good to be able to work with triangles, circles, and numbers (integers and fractions). These topics can come up during tests in APSC because they appear often in different parts of life. Therefore, it is important for aspirants to familiarise themselves with them if they want to tackle most questions.

  • Don't get carried away:

    Many times aspirants fail the APSC merely because they get too excited about clearing it. Remember, you are not guaranteed a job on the strength of clearing APSC Prelims.

    So don't get caught up with your own hype and assume that you will automatically be hired as soon as you clear APSC Prelims / Mains. In fact, the most important part will be the interview in which you will require expert guidance from top IAS / IPS / ACS / APS of the country / state.

  • Read newspapers

    It's always good to read news regularly and keep abreast of what's happening in your country. This can be done by reading as many national newspapers as possible, which in turn will help you to pick up on some state-specific news that also needs to appear on the exam paper.

    So by keeping a track of your local and national news, you can be sure that you don't miss out on important information from the exam. If you do miss this information during preparation, study it again after APSC. In case you think reading multiple newspapers like THE HINDU, The Indian Express & The Assam Tribune is an additional burden we would recommend you to watch SPM IAS Academy’s best  Newspaper Analysis which is trusted by more than 90% toppers of the state.

    You can follow SPM IAS Academy’s Daily Newspaper analysis on Youtube for daily current affairs here or download the monthly magazine of SPM IAS Academy here.